China order North Korean firm to shutdown by January Widgets China has well ordered North Korean companies in the country to shutdown by January of the upcoming year as it applies UN sanctions imposed following Pyongyang’s sixth nuclear test,the cimmerce ministry said on Thursday.   The ministry said the companies,including joint ventures with chinese firms,have 120 days to close from the date the

China opposed to deployment of US nuclear weapons on Korean Peninsula Widgets China said it was opposed to any deploment of nuclear weapons by Japan and South Korea in response to North Koreas repeated missile tests and its quest for a military “equilibrium”with the US. China’s ambassador to the US,Cui Tiankai,said the potential spread of nuclear weapons would not bring security to the highly tensed

China – The Worlds largest auto market is planning to ban petrol and diesel cars Widgets China the world’s second largest oil consumer is planning to ban petrol and diesal run cars.According to China’s vice minister for Industry the country has begun relevant research but it yet to decide when the ban will come into force. The decision by China could lead to serious ripples in the automobile manufacturing

Nirmala Sitharaman -Defence Minister – Only women to hold post since Indira Gandhi Widgets Nirmala Sitharaman ,who just took oath as the new cabinet member,has been given the Defence Ministry Portifolio.Incidentally she has become the first dedicated woman defence minister if India and only the second woman to hold the crucial ministry after Indira Gandhi. Arun Jaitley has been handling the ministry after Manohar Parikar quit to

North Korea declares Hydrogen Bomb Test A perfect success Widgets North Korea declared itself a thermonuclear power on sunday,after carrying out a sixth nuclear test more powerful than any it has previously detonated,”Presenting president Donald Trump with a potent challenge.” The north has tested a hydrogen bomb with “perfect Success”,a jubilant newsreader announced on state telivision adding the device could be mounted on

North Korea may have conducted Sixth Nuclear test – Yonhap News Widgets An earthquake 5.6 was recorded on sunday in North Korea near the countrys known nuclear test site Punggye-ri,Yonhap news agency reported,Citing south Koreas meteorological agency. The quake appeared to have been man made,Yonhap quoted the agency as saying,suggesting the isolated country had conducted a sixth nuclear test. U.S seismologists had said the 6.3

North Korea has developed H-bomb missile Warhead:Korean News Widgets North Korea has developed a hydrogen bomb which can be loaded into coutry’s new intercontinental ballistic missile,the official Korean Central News Agency claimed today. KCNA said that leader Kim Jong -Un had inspected such a device at the nuclear weapons institute. It was a “Thermonuclear weapon with super explosive power made by our

India Stood first in corruption among Asian countries Widgets India beat Pakistan and other Asian countries in corruption,as per the statistics furnished by the Berlin – based corruption watchdog,Transparency international,an anti corruption and global civil society organisation. The recent survey states that India is the moat corrupt country in Asia.According to report by outlook India,a list released by forbes – Asia’s Five

Doklam Standoff Ends:Indian Troops Withdraw,China says it’s Troops will stay Widgets The stand off began in mid June after Chinese Troops started building a road on the Doklam plateau.Indian soldiers rushed to stop that,triggering the worst military tension in decades with China. India said the truce was reached by diplomatic talks.On this basis,expeditious disengagement of border personnel at the face off site at Doklam

Trump is facing the First serious Non self inflicted crisis of his presidency Widgets U.S President Donald Trump is on the verge of facing the first non self inflicted crisis of his presidency and it remains a mystery whether he’s ready.The potential crisis comes in the form of a massive hurricane gaining strength off the southeast coast of Texas in the Gulf of Mexico. Forecasters predict that