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Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth announces his political debut -to launch his own political party

Ending suspense,today Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth announces his political debut and said he will launch his own party.

“I am joining politics for sure,”the 67 years old said amid thunderous applause from fans.

Quoting a Shloka from the Bhagwad Gita which stresses on the importance of doing one’s duty and leaving the rest to the lord,”This is the compulsion of time.”

“If I don’t act now,I will feel guilty that I didn’t act.I want to change the entire political system.We need politics devoid of caste and religion.We need ‘Spiritual’ politics”.

“The political climate in Tamil Nadu has made us hang our heads in shame”,said Rajinikanth.”I know it is not a easy task to contest in the elections.I am confident I will have both god’s blessings and support of the people.”

Addressing fans here on the valedictory of a six day long meet,the actor said he will launch a political party which will contest all 234 assembly constituencies in Tamil nadu.

“Every party that gets into power been looting the country.It is time for a change.”He added “I don’t want caders.I want saviours.Who will not work for Thier own benefits but question wrongdoings.I will be a representative who will watch over this”.

“I am not here for money or fame.I have enough of it.The politics here are rotten.Democracy has decayed.The political events that took place in the last year has spoilt the name of Tamil Nadu.”He adds “it is time to co- ordinate with every fan club.Every street in Tamil Nadu should have our presence”.

He said the party will be launched ahead of assembly elections at an appropriate time.Till then,I request fans not to speak about politics,speak ill of any political party.

The policies of the party will be taken to the people,he said and added that truthfulness,hardwork and growth will be the slogan of his party.”Do good,Speak and only good will happen,”will be the guiding slogan,he said.

Reactions after Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth announces his political debut:

He only announced he is entering politics,had no details or documents,he is illiterate.Its only media hype,people of Tamil Nadu are intelligent.Let him announce his political party name and then I will expose him: Subramanian Swamy,BJP.


My wishes to Rajinikanth on his Social consciousness and his entry into politics.Welcome – Kamal Hassan.


Welcome actor Rajinikanths political entry with motto of corruption free good governance which is the sole aim of BJP – Dr.Tamilisai Soundararajan.


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